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  • Elle Decor

    «The interior designer Soledad Suárez de Lezo has put on her table all typical elements of a Christmas lunch, but adding an actual touch. Instead of a huge tablecloth, she has chosen an individual tablecloth with scottish squares (big trend this season) exposing the bright red table of her dining room, perfect for Christmas time.»

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  • Hola

    «It is a construction in the form of “U”, which keeps the garden in the centre, as a meeting space towards which all the spaces are turned. The central part has a hall that takes you directly to the garden and then has a fully open living room on both sides to allow it to function as a porch, giving, on the one hand, to a patio, and on the other, the same garden.»

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  • «My hallmark is always to prioritize the quality of the materials and the functionality of the spaces and to think that they must follow intact ober the years. Nobody builds a house thinking about changing important things in a short time period»

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  • Elle decoration

    «This luxurious staging bears the stamp of the decorator Soledad Suárez de Lezo who has transferred it to the design of the shower cabins…»

  • Nuevo Estilo

    Decorator’s Keys

    «The first thing we see when we arrive is the hall… And that’s why we have to make it special, with a different treatment from the rest of the house, perhaps in the finishes, as well as accent lighting and enough space to organize ourselves.»

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  • YoDona

    6 tips to decorate our house
    “At home, be aware of trends, but go out of fashion”

    Interior designer Soledad Suárez de Lezo talks about the most important concepts to reform our house and prepare it for the summer.


  • Interiores

    Well-founded ideas

    «A relaxed and inviting atmosphere can also be very sophisticated.»

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  • «Environments should always be in line with the type of exterior in question – urban, country, beach, etc. -, the architecture in which they are integrated and the geographical area in which they are located.»

  • Elle Gourmet

    «It is therefore surprising that this idyllic 19th century residence, in the heart of Extremadura’s countryside and decorated by Soledad Suárez de Lezo, now serves as a refuge for a large family.»

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  • Hola

    Elsa Pataky

    Photo session carried out in a house designed by the interior designer Soledad Suárez de Lezo.

  • Nuevo Estilo

    A space for the imagination

    «By having a more fleeting use, it gives us the opportunity to develop a greater creative loquacity, which makes possible a place of luxury and dreaminess that can, or not, follow the dictates of fashion.»

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  • «I am very particular about courtesy cleaning because, at the end of the day, it is deference to our guests, whom we try to entertain in various ways from the moment they enter our home. This room, where they will spend some time in private, relaxed, getting ready, becomes, therefore, the most committed bathroom among all those in the house.»

  • Interiores

    Trend vs. classicism

    «How do we survive such a trending topic in our global times? On the basis of personality, character and own style.»


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  • Nuevo Estilo

    Report made for Molecot in a house designed by the interior designer Soledad Suárez de Lezo.

    «The white doors, designed by Soledad Suárez de Lezo, enhance the entry of light in the bathroom area, dressing room and master bedroom. The headboard has been made to measure by the interior designer’s studio, as have the wooden slatted shutters, the bedside tables and the cushions.»

  • Interiores

    «For everything, the best thing is to be realistic, aware of what you have, and from there, try to make the most of it. It must be a continuity of the interior in terms of style, even though it may be toned down and formalised.»


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  • Nuevo Estilo


    «The Hemmes chest of drawers, which is both wide and comppact (the divan-bed in this same line is also extremely practical), and the Bolmen Stool, which is both necesary and stackable.»

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  • Hola El Rincon – portada ENG
  • Hola

    «For the original building I have kept exterior wall, roof, above all, the taste and essence of such an old house in the middle of the countryside. For me, this was a fundamental premise, and that is why I carry out a very laborious and constant task for searching for materials, finishes, techniques, that end up giving that aspect and that sensation of a house already lived.»

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  • Nuevo Estilo Sotogrande – 1 ENG
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  • Nuevo Estilo

    «Light in abundance, materials with character and the magic of a lush garden are the hallmarks of this relaxed and sensual house. A design with emotion, projected by the interior designer Soledad Suárez de Lezo.»


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  • Nuevo Estilo Interview

    Small tricks to create an intimate atmosphere

    “We can create ambiance through lighting, with different settings and dimmers; with a cozy blanket for winter naps, fresh flowers, music and a beautiful Dr Vranges perfume bottle”.

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  • Nuevo Estilo

    “Personality and aesthetics. It it according to these concepts, that designer Soledad Suarez de Lezo conceived a generous and future-looking room. The furniture and unique combination of colours are carefully thought to easily adapt to the changing tastes and needs according to age”.

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  • Nuevo Estilo

    “Homes say a lot about us and therefore we must adapt them to our needs and taste. Hers, luminous, relaxed and fun – an old religious order headquarters, made her feel something special the first time she set foot on it…”

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  • Hola Fashion

    Light and harmony. Those are the key notes in designer Soledad Suarez de Lezo´s home.
    Elegant and sophisticated. We just have to take a look at her furniture to understand the extent of her passion for design.

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  • Hola fashion ENG
  • Nuevo Estilo
    Espacio IKEA

    “The fun bit in the living area are the white and powdered pink stripes which simulate a circus tent”.

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  • Nuevo Estilo Ikea ENG
  • Hola

    HRH Princess Olympia of Greece in Soledad´s studio.

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  • Hola Olympia ENG
  • Master chef ENG
  • Master chef ENG
  • Hola Fashion

    MasterChef celebrates Christmas at Soledad Suarez de Lezo´s kitchen.

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